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Location Scouting


​With more than 25 years experience of living and working on the Isle of Wight we can find you just about anything. For example this unusual view of the Needles lighthouse is from a tunnel carved into a chalk cliff. 



You can travel just about anywhere on the Island in just under an hour making it a versatile and compact location. We can offer a Volkwagen T5 to rent as a facilities vehicle with full standing headroom, seating and cooking facilities. Interiour seating can be removed for wardrobe hanging space, and an optional inflatable awning (which erects in just 12 minutes) gives you even more space for makeup or kit storage.

Shoot Fixer


​I've been asked to sort all kinds on things over the years, from a aquiring workout treadmill a for a major american star, to finding a specialist doctor to advise on scenes with just 12 hours notice.  Known locally as 'Meridian Dave', due to my time with ITV News, I find most things are possible if you know the right person. 

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